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Headline indicator data



Protected Areas

Land Cover Change

Arctic Species Trend Index

Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) data


CBMP marine monitoring


CBMP freshwater monitoring

CBMP Background

CBMP terrestrial monitoring

CBMP Terrestrial



All boundaries

CAFF Border

High, low and sub-Arctic boundaries

Arctic Biodiversity Assessment (ABA)

Find records by country


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Sensitive and protected areas data


Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment AMSA 2C

Protected Areas

Ecologically and Biologically Sensitive Areas (EBSAs)


Great to see our cooperation here! https://t.co/b1KDRP3FAZ @nparksbuzz @MFAsg @jordensplinter @WWF_Arctic @NaujaBianco @nordenen and others!
How to @ArcticCouncil #observers contribute? Let us count the ways... thx 4 the valuable cooperation! https://t.co/b1KDRP3FAZ
RT @eyeonthearctic: Ice melt forcing Chukchi Sea belugas to change migration up to a month later https://t.co/oL16esFil1 via @adndotcom #Ar
RT @jenni_pro: Next step, work with @BirdLife_News & @BonnConvention to ensure we address illegal hunting of all Arctic mig breeding birds…
RT @jenni_pro: We did it! @CAFFSecretariat just helped form an int. task force on illegal killing of birds in the @EAAFP - first steps to a…
RT @jenni_pro: Here is @USFWSBirds Rick Lanctot and @CAFFSecretariat Yong Ding Li talking about the common barriers to conserving mig birds…

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