Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist

Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist

Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist.

Sv Svalbard, incl. Bear Island (Bjørnøya)
No Norway: Arctic coast of East Finnmark
Ko Arctic coast of Kola Peninsula
FJ Franz Josef Land
KP Kanin – Pechora: Kanin Peninsula, Malozemelskaya and Bolshezemelskaya Tundras
NZ Novaya Zemlya
PU Polar Ural: Polar Ural Mts. incl. Vaigach Island
YG Yamal – Gydan: Region between Polar Ural and lower Enisei River.
SZ Severnaya Zemlya
Ta Taimyr Peninsula
AO Anabar – Olenyk: Region between lower Khatanga and Lena Rivers, including Lena Delta and Kharaulakh Range.
NS New Siberian Islands: Novosibirskie and Lyakhovskie Islands.
YK Yana – Kolyma: Region between Kharaulakh Range and lower Kolyma River
CW Chukotka West: Region between lower Kolyma River and Chukotskoe Upland
WI Wrangel Island
CS Chukotka South: Lower Anadyr River and north of Koryakskoe Upland
CE Chukotka East: Chukchi Peninsula
BI Beringian Islands: St. Lawrence, St. Matthew and St. Paul Islands
BA Beringian Alaska: Bering Sea Coast of continental Alaska from Bristol Bay to Icy Cape
AN Alaska North: Northern Brooks Range, Alaskan Arctic Slope, British Mountains
CC Central Canadian Arctic: Victoria, Banks, Melville, Prince Patrick, Ringnes and Somerset Islands, Western part of Devon Island, North coast of continental Canada east of Mackenzie River to Hudson Bay
WH West Hudsonian: Western and southern shores of Hudson Bay, Southampton Island, northern part of Baffin Island
BL Baffin Island to Labrador: Southern part of Baffin Island, Ungava Peninsula, northernmost Labrador
El Ellesmere Island: Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, eastern part of Devon Island.
GW Greenland West: West coast of Greenland from Kap Farvel north to Inglefield Bredning.
GN Greenland North: North coast of Greenland from Inglefield Bredning to Nioghalvfjerdsfiorden in the East.
GE Greenland East: East coast of Greenland from Kap Farvel north to Nioghalvfjerdsfiorden.
AI Arctic Iceland: Arctic coast of Iceland, Jan Mayen.


Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) 

The data can be downloaded freely.

Users are requested to reference it source.

i.e. Pan-Arctic Checklist of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi

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