Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist

Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist
Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist

Arctic regions in the panarctic checklist.

Sv Svalbard, incl. Bear Island (Bjørnøya)
No Norway: Arctic coast of East Finnmark
Ko Arctic coast of Kola Peninsula
FJ Franz Josef Land
KP Kanin – Pechora: Kanin Peninsula, Malozemelskaya and Bolshezemelskaya Tundras
NZ Novaya Zemlya
PU Polar Ural: Polar Ural Mts. incl. Vaigach Island
YG Yamal – Gydan: Region between Polar Ural and lower Enisei River.
SZ Severnaya Zemlya
Ta Taimyr Peninsula
AO Anabar – Olenyk: Region between lower Khatanga and Lena Rivers, including Lena Delta and Kharaulakh Range.
NS New Siberian Islands: Novosibirskie and Lyakhovskie Islands.
YK Yana – Kolyma: Region between Kharaulakh Range and lower Kolyma River
CW Chukotka West: Region between lower Kolyma River and Chukotskoe Upland
WI Wrangel Island
CS Chukotka South: Lower Anadyr River and north of Koryakskoe Upland
CE Chukotka East: Chukchi Peninsula
BI Beringian Islands: St. Lawrence, St. Matthew and St. Paul Islands
BA Beringian Alaska: Bering Sea Coast of continental Alaska from Bristol Bay to Icy Cape
AN Alaska North: Northern Brooks Range, Alaskan Arctic Slope, British Mountains
CC Central Canadian Arctic: Victoria, Banks, Melville, Prince Patrick, Ringnes and Somerset Islands, Western part of Devon Island, North coast of continental Canada east of Mackenzie River to Hudson Bay
WH West Hudsonian: Western and southern shores of Hudson Bay, Southampton Island, northern part of Baffin Island
BL Baffin Island to Labrador: Southern part of Baffin Island, Ungava Peninsula, northernmost Labrador
El Ellesmere Island: Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, eastern part of Devon Island.
GW Greenland West: West coast of Greenland from Kap Farvel north to Inglefield Bredning.
GN Greenland North: North coast of Greenland from Inglefield Bredning to Nioghalvfjerdsfiorden in the East.
GE Greenland East: East coast of Greenland from Kap Farvel north to Nioghalvfjerdsfiorden.
AI Arctic Iceland: Arctic coast of Iceland, Jan Mayen.


Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) 

The data can be downloaded freely.

Users are requested to reference it source.

i.e. Pan-Arctic Checklist of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi

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