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Sea Surface TemperatureSST4MYD28The MODIS Sea Surface Temperature (SST) product provided is a 4 km resolution global monthly composite based on 1 km daily imagery. The imagery is from the MODIS Aqua satellite, and represents the 4 um nighttime measurements. Nighttime measurements provide a more accurate representation of the sea temperature, because during the day the top few centimeters of the water column may be affected by sunlight warming, while nighttime measurements do not have this factor of error. However, this may be less of an issue in the Arctic, due to continuous solar illumination during the ice-free months, but it is common practice to use the nighttime measures for SST.


For usage please see ABDS Data Policy
Suggested citation:
CAFF (2015). Sea Surface Temperature: Arctic Land Cover Change Index. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS).


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