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Marine Net Primary Productivity July 2013Marine primary productivity is not available from the NASA Ocean Color website. Currently the best product available for marine primary productivity is available through Oregon State University’s Ocean Productivity Project (O’Malley 2010). A monthly global Net Primary Productivity product at 9 km spatial resolution has been selected for the CAFF system, though more options are available from Oregon State’s Ocean Productivity website. The algorithm used to create the primary productivity is a Vertically Generalized Production Model (VGPM) created by Behrenfeld and Falkowski (1997). It is a “chlorophyll-based” model that estimates net primary production from chlorophyll using a temperature-dependent description of chlorophyll photosynthetic efficiency (O’Malley 2010). Inputs to the function are chlorophyll, available light, and photosynthetic efficiency. Marine primary production is measured in mg/m2/day.


For usage please see ABDS Data Policy
Suggested citation:
CAFF (2015). Primary Productivity: Arctic Land Cover Change Index. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS).


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