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Land Cover TypeThe MODIS Land Cover Type product is created yearly using three land classification schemes; the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP) classification scheme, the Univertiy of Maryland (UMD) classification scheme, and a MODIS-derived Leaf Area Index /Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (LAI/fPAR) classification scheme

(Summary of Products MTRI  17 Table 3). The International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP) identifies seventeen land cover classes, including eleven natural vegetation classes, three non-vegetated land
classes, and three developed land classes. The product provided is derived using the same algorithm as the 500 m Land Cover Type (MOD12Q1), but is on a 0.05° Climate Model Grid (CMG), that has been clipped to the pan-Arctic extent. The UMD classification scheme is similar to the IGBP classification scheme, but it excludes the Permanent wetlands, Cropland/Natural vegetation mosaic, and the Snow and ice classes. The LAI/fPAR classification scheme is the smallest of the three, and focuses on forest structure; it only has
eleven classes. All three land cover classification schemes are provided, but the IGBP classification scheme is the most amenable to the Pan-Arctic region.


For usage please see ABDS Data Policy
Suggested citation:
CAFF (2015). Land Cover Type: Arctic Land Cover Change Index. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS).

Basic Info

Data Set Characteristics

Temporal coverage: V051 2001–2012
Area Global
Image dimensions LC Type: 3600 x 7200 (rows/columns)
  LC Percent: rows/columns/number of LC classes
File size ~1200 MB
Resolution 0.05° (~5600 m)
Projection Geographic
Data type 8-bit unsigned integer
Data format HDF-EOS
Science Data Sets (SDS) Layers 10


V051 MODIS Land Cover Type Yearly Global 0.05 Deg CMG SDS Layers

SDS Units Data Type Fill Value Valid Range
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_1 Class number 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_1_Assessment Flags 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_1_Percent Percent in integers 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_1_QC Concatenated flags 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_2 Class number 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_2_Assessment Flags 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_2_Percent Percent in integers 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_3 Class number 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_3_Assessment Flags 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16
Majority_Land_Cover_Type_3_Percent Percent in integers 8-bit unsigned integer 255 0 – 16

V051 MODIS Land Cover Type Yearly Global 0.05Deg CMG QC Bit Index

Land_Cover_Type_1 QC Bit Index
Bits 1–2 Mandatory QA
Processed, good quality 0
Processed, see other quality 1
Not processed due to clouds 2
Not processed due to other effects 3

V051 MODIS Land Cover Classification Types

Class IGBP (Type 1) UMD (Type 2) LAI/fPAR (Type 3)
0 Water Water Water
1 Evergreen Needleleaf forest Evergreen Needleleaf forest Grasses/Cereal crops
2 Evergreen Broadleaf forest Evergreen Broadleaf forest Shrubs
3 Deciduous Needleleaf forest Deciduous Needleleaf forest Broad-leaf crops
4 Deciduous Broadleaf forest Deciduous Broadleaf forest Savanna
5 Mixed forest Mixed forest Evergreen Broadleaf forest
6 Closed shrublands Closed shrublands Deciduous Broadleaf forest
7 Open shrublands Open shrublands Evergreen Needleleaf forest
8 Woody savannas Woody savannas Deciduous Needleleaf forest
9 Savannas Savannas Non-vegetated
10 Grasslands Grasslands Urban
11 Permanent wetlands    
12 Croplands Croplands  
13 Urban and built-up Urban and built-up  
14 Cropland/Natural vegetation mosaic    
15 Snow and ice    
16 Barren or sparsely vegetated Barren or sparsely vegetated  
255 Fill Value/Unclassified Fill Value/Unclassified Fill Value/Unclassified




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